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FACT>>Some of the Worlds environmental groups are plundering the planet, destroying small Communities, Homes and Families in pursuit of $$$$$ to perpetuate Lavish Salaries and gross Jet-Setting Lifestyles<<FACT

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The goal of this site is to Expose Eco-Fraud Bandits

Its time these Frauds become accountable for their unethical actions

This site is dedicated to the Global Extinction of Eco-Frauds.

Exposing individuals behind the Green Greed Movement who are Poisoning The Planet, reaping massive $gains$ spreading doom and gloom.

Welcome to Cortes Island

We have one of the highest per-capita concentrations of Eco-Fraud Groups and Individuals in the world.

Stop Eco-Fraud ................Put these Criminals in Jail

Experiances encounters stories and Documents, letters, faxes, emails collected over the years will be posted.

Stop Eco-Fraud ................Put these Criminals in Jail


FACT>> Eco-Tourism is Polluting the Planet and Local Environments <<FACT

Increasing Tourism contributes to an Increase in Global Acid Rain. (this is a true) More Vehicles and Airplanes are needed, and spread toxins throughout our planets eco-system.

To  Rex Weyler

Hollyhock farm (Inc.)INDUSTRIAL Tourism

is poisoning the planet and community for profit. At their latest rezoning hearing to legalize once again their illegal activities, an environmental impact assessment of their whole operation was asked for. But in a typical Multi-National Corporate style this WAS SIMPLY IGNORED. The local image of Hollyhock is an abusive Multi-National Corporation that screws its employees and the local community. Hollyhock Farm (inc) refuses to address their destruction of the islands eco-system , planet or our community.

What Is their (secret) 50 year plan? They won't present it to the Cortes Island Community for public scrutiny. Why?

Is Hollyhock Farm (inc) Sustainable?


Yet they organize Eco-activists who openly attact other private land owners on Cortes and question their sustainability. Why does Hollyhock dump their garbage maintenance debri on Weyerhaeuser's land? (Brian?)This simply causes a fire hazard to the whole community!

Hollyhock has made Cortes Island a Seasonal (for Profit) Toilet for their Jet-Setting Elite Owners and Guests?

If you pump drinking water out of the ground and pump INDUSTRIAL amounts of sewage back in WHEN DOES THE WATER BECOME UNDRINKABLE? When is the CARRYING CAPACITY of the land exceded or destroyed? I hear some Neighbourhood wells are already showing contamination.

Welcome to Cortes Island (Rex Weylers) Fantasy Gardens of ecological smoke and mirrors. Where arrogant wealthy polluters (The Greens Greeds ) are cleansing the community for their lavish lifestyles and profits.

BOYCOTT HOLLYHOCK and stop this brainwash Corporations Environmental Fraud. Stop their employee and community abuse.

Famous Island Quotes;

by Activist former Regional Director (((Dr R, Nursall)))(Hollyhock promoter)

to past Whaletown Community Club President Andy Ducasse

((("It's your type were going to GET RID OF..... OFF THIS ISLAND")))

Is this Fantasy Island (Nursall Island)

Has Cortes Island become the NAZI Retirement home and playground for the Zoological Department from the University of Alberta?

The Ethnic Cleansing of the Cortes Island Community must be stopped!

or Cortes Island where a real community lives year round

Please Check Back This site Will Grow into the New Millenium ........

Mary Gordon" Clearcut logging only started in the 60's"  with a mail order degree  from .....

A few may suffer and  even go bankrupt but it will be better for everyone else in the future;  Sedley Sweeny 1990


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